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What is my vision and goals for our community. What I hope to accomplish if I am elected.

Gord Newton for Central Saanich council

Who is Gord Newton....

I am a resident of Central Saanich, business owner in Central Saanich and part of our community.

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I am generally a humble person, and don't often ask for help. I have learned I can't do this alone. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping. Thank you.

My Stance on Some of our Local Issues

Keating X Rd. Business District

Keating Business District

I will work to expedite the safe and sustainable development of the Keating Business District. A healthy and vibrant business sector within our community is essential to diversifying the tax base and providing good paying local jobs.

Safe access for residents and commercial activity to this busy area is essential. It is now time to seriously look at a transportation plan with the province to keep everyone safe!


I am committed to providing affordable and attainable housing for young families, local workers and seniors. 

There are fewer young people (under 19) in Central Saanich today than in 2011. Providing a variety of housing options for young families is critical to the long term stability of our community.

I would love to see a variety of housing options to allow for young families to begin their lives here in our community. These same options would provide local workers, who are so desperately needed by our local businesses and farms.

Providing housing options for seniors to live in our community is critical. We have an increasingly aging population and giving them a variety of options to remain in the community they grew up in is very important. 

Financial Responsibility

As a business owner in our community I understand how critical it is to manage budgets and revenues while maximizing the value for any expense. 

While a municipality is very different from a private sector business, I believe the same underlying business principles should apply.

Local Farms and Farmers

Central Saanich is farming! Our municipality is over 65% ALR land. These lands provide a much needed local food source. It is vital we preserve lands capable of producing agricultural products as well as contributing to our local economy.

I want to work with local farms and farmers to ensure their sustainability for current and future generations. 

Environmental Action

The world is changing. I think there are great opportunities available when it comes to environmental action. Residents, businesses and farms all have different needs and objectives and we need to look at ideas, programs and solutions that make sense to each of these.

Who is Gord Newton?


I am a 47-year-old father, husband, resident, local business owner, neighbour, former soccer and fastball coach, University of Victoria graduate, umpire at Extreme Fastball and love living in our community. My wife of 20 years and I moved to Central Saanich in 2005, from Victoria, when our girls were very young and raised them here. They now both go to Stelly’s High School. We now proudly call Central Saanich home.

I was born in Ottawa, ON and spent my youth being raised in a small farming town west of the city. Our friends and neighbours were farmers and some of my favourite memories are working the hay fields, cleaning the cow barns and collecting eggs from the chicken coops.  In 1986, our family picked up roots and moved west to Victoria, which is a great story I would love to share with you. I finished high school, went to University and met my wife. As a son of an entrepreneur I went on to start my own business and for 2 years struggled to make ends meet. I was encouraged to join the family business and learn the ropes from the ground up which I have done for nearly 20 years. Starting first in our retail division in Sidney and then moved into the wholesale part of the company in Central Saanich. Now my sister and I run our company, along with a lifelong friend and many great team members here in Central Saanich and across western Canada.

As a local business owner I understand how important it is to balance budgets and ensure you get value for your dollar. I also appreciate the importance of having the right people in the right job and providing them with support and resources to ensure their success. While a municipality is different from the private sector, many of the same underling principles apply: ensure responsible and efficient use of expenses, trust individuals and experts in their roles and rely on their inputs when making decisions.

I have been attending council meetings for the past year, this isn't something I have just decided to do. I wanted to learn how council works, how to create motions and how meetings are conducted. More importantly to learn first hand what the local issues and concerns are by our community. It's one thing to read about topics in a paper, it is entirely different to hear individuals directly.

On October 20th, I humbly ask for your vote.

Thank you.

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